YOur Entrepreneur Advisor!

Sales means to us the operative support in sales as a commercial agent, marketing staff or merchant. Especially in product placement we provide counseling and use our network and know-how to enhance your business model and to collect important market information.   


The expertise and operative implementation experience guarantees us practical training-concepts and trainings, optionally accompanied by performance coachings


The AGA Group Management itself has extensive experience as serial entrepreneurs and participates in corporations as an investor or business angel. Therefore we support the implementation of next financial steps or rather the examination of funding opportunities.   


Firas Saedaddin



Firas has more than 25 years of expertise in the management of high-tech businesses in the space of telecommunications, enterprise communications/contact center as a service, digital media and advertising. A business leader with a track record in leading the go-to-market strategies and sales management of divisions and subsidiaries of companies operating in highly competitive conditions such as Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) and Genesys. He worked with Alcatel's global board on corporate venturing leading to the acquisition of a San Diego-based leader in media streaming. Firas has international management experience including assignments in France, USA, China and Malaysia.


He's active as an entrepreneur in management consulting, fitness, food production and wholesale, IT software development & services and real estate residential development. He's in charge of executing programs of the City of Vienna / Vienna Business Agency for more than 7 years and has thus worked and continues to work extensively with founders, Startups, Scaleups and established SMEs on creating and scaling sustainable (impact) businesses. His first involvement as a business angel was in 2010 with Yoose.


# Coached > 350 companies and entrepreneurs

# Held > 65 workshops and lectures